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iPore 600 Automated Surface Area and Micropore Analyzer

iPore 600 Automated Surface Area and Micropore Analyzer

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The iPore series full-automatic surface area and pore size analyzers are designed and manufactured using the classic static volumetric principle, which complies with ISO15901, ASTM D3663/D4661 and GB/ T19587-2017 for measurement of specific surface area, pore size distribution and total pore volume of porous materials such as zeolite (molecular sieves), carbon materials, metal oxides, MOF, COF, graphene and so on.
iPore 600 may be widely used in QC and R&D of ultra-low surface area samples such as battery materials (both positive and negative), metal powders, pharmaceuticals (APIs and excipients).
The capability of iPore 600 analyzes up to 3 micropore samples simultaneously with separate 6 samples for degassing independently. With separate vacuum system, it is suitable for the precise analysis of material surface area and pore width of ultra-microporous materials and micro-mesoporous materials.

iPore series physisorption analyzer is designed and manufactured based on CE standards. The whole series will be equipped with iBox26 full-automatic intelligent degassing unit as standard, which complies with the 5S standard of the new generation of physisorption systems.
1S: Global automatic constant temperature system
2S: Patented void volume constant control technology
3S: 32bit A/D conversion electronic circuit system
4S: Intelligent degassing system
5S: Mobile APP for remote control and monitoring
State-of-art void volume constant control technology
A transducer and servo-feedback elevator controlled the coolant level precisely for keeping the void volume constant during analysis.
Global automatic constant temperature system
The system may be set and warmed between 35-50 ℃ with constant temperature within 0.02 ℃ and dual inlet gas preheating,  as well as multi-point real-time display of the temperature of the gas path and manifold against errors caused by environment factors.
The PFC flow control valve assembly
The system will be evacuated as pre-set program automatically, in case that the evacuation rate may be adjustable to prevent powder elutriation , or too slow under high vacuum.

32bid  A/D conversion electronic circuit system
A latest 32bit ADC and related electronic circuit system raised the precision of transducer 30 times or better, compared to a 24-bit system, which ensured the ultimate accuracy of ultra-low surface area sample analysis.
Built-in 13.3’’ touch-screen
Both system control/analysis and data reduction in real time may be operated by the built-in PAD computer
Remote control and service-after-sales may be realized as soon as the mobile APP option installed.