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With nearly 30 years of professional knowledge and experience in the field of gas adsorption analysis instruments, and the revolutionary new generation of ipore series 32-bit physical adsorption analyzer as the forerunner, the professional team of the joint science and Technology (Beijing) Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. strives for the ultimate with ingenuity and leads the repeatability and accuracy of surface analysis to a new height!
In order to meet the needs of customers for the production, R & D and verification of a small number of samples, single test and small batch of samples, our company's laboratory can provide paid test services for universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises. The test items include specific surface area and pore diameter, program temperature rise test (TPD / TPR / TPO / pulse metal dispersion), water vapor adsorption, high-pressure gas adsorption and density measurement Try and wait.
Physical adsorption: with the most accurate measurement in the world, it will bring you the most reliable specific surface area, pore volume, pore size distribution, porosity, adsorption heat and other data.
Chemical adsorption: perfect hardware combination is the guarantee to provide the most extensive measurement of chemical adsorption reaction data from ammonia system to oxygen system, including: active metal dispersion, number of adsorption species, strength, active site, desorption reaction order, surface energy distribution, reaction heat, etc
Water vapor adsorption: it is the guarantee of stable data of continuous adsorption experiment for more than 10 days, and it is also a more accurate basis for the study of material surface properties and adsorption behavior
High pressure adsorption: the design of large flux automatic instrument is the first choice for the study of real low pressure high pressure adsorption of materials from 10 ⁵ to 200 bar
Large hole measurement: a full range of green environmental protection design, which not only characterizes the pore volume, pore size distribution, porosity, pore throat ratio, compression ratio, etc., but also gives consideration to your operation safety
Rapid nondestructive testing of macropores: a new nondestructive testing method for porosity, average pore size and surface potential of macropores from nanometer to millimeter
Density measurement: multiple instruments meet the requirements of fast and large flux measurement for real density, apparent density, bulk density, vibrating density, opening and closing porosity of materials